Д-р Лилия СпасоваI am  Dr.  Liliya Spasova. I was born and raised in Samokov, Bulgaria.
I completed my  Higher Secondary Education in 2004, graduating from the Higher Secondary School “Konstantin Fotinov” in Samokov.

In 2011 I obtained my medical degree in Dental Medicine from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University in Sofia. I signed up as a postgraduate student in Periodontics with the Faculty of Periodontics at the Medical University in Sofia right after obtaining my Dental Medicine degree. I believe that this specialty Смятам, че тази специализация  provides me with an in-depth view of the oral health.

I am part of the team in the “Dental Clinics Nedialkov – Dr. Nedialkova” where we value team work and cooperation.

I also lead a private dental practice based in Samokov, Bulgaria.

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